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The Company

Oral Fluid Dynamics is an early stage medical device company that has spun out of the University of Connecticut.  It was founded in 2015 and had received generous grants from the National Institutes of Health, UConn Health, the Sjögren's Syndrome Foundation and Connecticut Innovations.  As the company continues to develop and test its technology it is raising additional capital and developing strategic business relationships.

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The Management Team

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Dr. Robert Kelly

Bob is inventor of the technology and primary investigator of OFD’s research efforts.  He is a Professor in the Department of Reconstructive Sciences at The University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine as well as a materials scientist and prosthodontist.

Dr. Martin A. Freilich

Martin is a Professor in The University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine’s Department of Reconstructive Sciences. He is a practicing prosthodonist and periodontist and serves as OFD’s medical advisor and implant surgeon.

Dr. Douglas Adams

Doug is a biomedical engineer with extensive experience in bone research and serves as OFD’s lead engineer, leading device design and analysis.  Formerly an Assistant Professor at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Doug is currently an Associate Professor in Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Colorado.

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Mr. Donald Gershman

Don is an attorney, executive and entrepreneur who serves as OFD’s CEO. In addition, he is an Adjunct Professor at The University of Connecticut School of Law. 

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Additional Resources

OFD leverages an experienced network of specialized consultants and service providers, and maintains office space within the University of Connecticut’s Technology Incubation Program biomedical facility which provides access to a broad range of business and technology resources.


Dr. Ben Wu

Chair of Advanced Prosthodontics, UCLA School of Dentistry, is Chief Clinical Officer at Rodo Medical, Inc., a dental implant device company

Mr Nathaniel Brinn

Investment Partner, Vital Venture Capital, has a 25-year track record of private investments, acquisitions and business management

Dr. Henry Rauter

Owner, Vita Zahnfabrik, Bad Säckingen, Germany, a dental biomaterials manufacturer

Mr Bernd Seibel

Heads his own VC investment firm, Definiens AG, Munich, Germany

In The News

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UConn Spinout Wins NIH R&D Grant for Artificial Salivary Gland

September 6, 2018, Jessica McBride, UConn Today


Oral Fluid Dynamics, LLC (OFD) is a technology startup working to improve the lives of millions of people suffering from a debilitating condition, chronic dry mouth.

With its breakthrough approach using a specialized dental implant device that will function as an artificial salivary gland, OFD seeks to change the standard of medical care for dry mouth patients for whom no cure or effective treatment is currently available.

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Artificial Salivary Gland Gains Patent

March 7, 2018, Dentistry Today


Xerostomia affects about 64 million Americans each year, putting their oral health at risk of cavities and other complications, according to the University of Connecticut (UConn) School of Dental Medicine. Yet J. Robert Kelly, DDS, PhD, a professor of reconstructive sciences there, has a potential solution in an artificial salivary gland design, patented through his startup, Oral Fluid Dynamics, and the support of the university. 

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